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Roots America Network is dedicated to streaming the highest quality Roots Music at the lowest bandwidth. This enables listening on mobile devices, smart phones and dial-up internet service. .

24kps stream

After much research Roots America Network decided that AACPlusV2 (AAC) is by far the best sounding audio quality at the 24kps level. This great bandwidth allows use on dial-up computers or cellular phones. The downside of using AAC is not all media players can receive this stream. Windows Media 11 and earlier can play the stream, but you will need to download and install an additional plug-in from Orban. I have used this plug in with great success and no ill side effects. Newer versions of Winamp, RealPlayer and VideoLan as well as Windows Media 12 for Windows 7 can stream natively. This is the stream we recommend listeners to use because it is cheaper for us and it uses lower bandwidth for you the listener. This can especially be important if you are on dial up or listening in from work where there is a premium on bandwidth because of the number of simultaneous users.

Of course you can listen from a Flash player if you are listening form a computer. To see all of your listening options go to OPTIONS.

Mobile Devices

This is the best stream to use on mobile devices with low bandwidth capabilities, but the device needs the ability to play AAC internet streams. On the Blackberry Storm, Roots America testing shows that this stream will not work unless you have installed additional software for playing internet radio in the AAC format. Two things to check on your smart phone add-on player is 1) can it play AAC format and 2) can you add stations to the radio software. For the Blackberry Storm Roots American is currently testing out the software BerryTunes which accomplishes both of these goals.

For Droid cell phones "A Online" is a wonderfull free player application and the Roots America Network can be found in the Shoutcast Directory under Bluegrass. We can be found on any application for smart phones of any type if they have the Shoutcast Directory.

When trying to access the 24kps stream added to a station or player here are some internet addresses you can try to see which format works. http://s4.viastreaming.net:7130 or http://s4.viastreaming.net:7130/listen.pls or http://s4.viastreaming.net/7130/listen_aac.asx

As a last resort if you cannot get anything else to work for your smart phone you can try http://www.yourmuze.fm/welcome and search under country for "Roots". You Will find us there! This is a website that you can browse to with your smart phone and listen to the Roots America Network rebroadcast from there in a compatible format.

I find that the 24kps stream using AACPlus can have an awesome somund for such a low bitrate. I have noticed on many desktops that we needed to adjust the equilizer in the media player to get the best sound possible. If the sound quality is not exactly where you want it I suggest adjusting the equilizer in your player. I found that I often have to raise the middle and lower the bass and treble similar to the example below.

64kps stream

This is our higher quality stream using AACPlus MP4 technology. I have tested this to see if it will buffer out and I love using it while driving in the truck as long as I have a 3G connection. By using the AACPlus2 technology we are able to get a higher quality stream at a lower bandwidth. Winamp, Real Player, ITunes and VideoLan will all play this ACCPlus2 stream. This can also play in Windows Media 12 for Windows 7. It can be played in older Windows Media versions if you have the AACPlus Plugin. You can also play this in a Flash player. Go here for all of your computer OPTIONS.






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2007 Country Music DJ Hall of Fame Inductee
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